Carrie Leonard

Cyclist Portland, Oregon, USA By day, Carrie is the Chief of Staff

Karen Gibbs

Bicycle and Film Enthusiast Washington, D.C. USA Karen can’t remember a time

Erik Douds

Adventure Filmmaker South Orange, New Jersey, USA “I use filmmaking to show

Kate Ellis

Cyclist and Photographer Brevard, North Carolina At age 7, Kate successfully taught

Juntu Oberg

Northwest Trail Alliance Board Member “Filmed by Bike is one of the

Dylan VanWeelden

Photographer and Filmmaker Dylan is a lifelong cyclist and loves to spread

Erik Fenner

Chris King Precision Components, Digital Marketing Lead “Cycling gives me that giggly

Jason Van Horn

SPANK Industries/The Gravity Cartel and “I’m a mountain biker, so I

Jami Drath

Bike Enthusiast “I love cycling and seeing the films at Filmed by

Erin McMorris

Bike Enthusiast “Filmed by Bike is a really important part of the

Anthony Hernandez

Rat Patrol Member “Bikes are freedom and self-empowerment in a beautiful wheeled

Ryan Barrett

River City Bicycles Marketing Manager “We all live different experiences on our

Kristen Leask

Bike Enthusiast “Filmed by bike has always been a highlight for me

Bethany Adams

Bike Culture Enthusiast Bethany has long been involved with Filmed by Bike

Sommer Martin

Communications Manager, The Street Trust Sommer is a member of the Public