Maritza Arango

(they/she) Social Justice Advocate, Community Projects & Content Creative, Bikes Lover, Arts

William (Will) Cortez

 (he/him/siya) Cat Dad, Community Activator, Occasional Bike Racer, Professional Committee Member Affiliations

Tasha Tinagero

(she/her) Documentarian, Athlete, Bike Advocate Affiliations Tasha Tinagero, Outride, Candlestick Courier, People

Andrew Perry

(he/him) Cyclist, Courier, Educator Affiliations

Lise Ferguson

(she/her) Urban commuter, bikepacker, Urban Planning Student Affiliations Portland State University, Portland

Deb Banks

(she/her) Bike Advocate, Bike Collector, Event organizer Affiliations Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates,

Joe Jatcko

 (he/him) Local Filmmaker, Bike Guy Affiliations Lake Productions, @joejatcko, @lakepropdx, @westofcenterprod Joe

Rich Baker

(he/him) Community Bike Guy, Ride Leader Affiliations Foster Night Ride, Bikes for

Nikki Margarita

Cyclist, Portrait Photographer, Community Organizer “On my bike I don’t have to

Jeremy Gomez

Local Bike Shredder Jeremy is excited to be a part of the

Taylor (Tay) Snider

Bicycle Enthusiast, Multi-Disciplinary Coach, Graphic Designer “Through bikes, I have a means

William Hsu

Urban Commuter and Bike Tinkerer “I’m an urban rider who believes that

Ruandy Albisure

Cyclist, Photographer, Videographer Ruandy is hoping to see films that promote positivity

Jeffrey Sundin

Filmmaker “I’ve lived in Portland my whole life, spent some time making

Kevin Koch

Photographer, Mountain Biker, Electrical Designer Kevin has been volunteering for FIlmed by

Tenzin (Nam) Namdol

Co-owner of Machimoodus on Wangunks Territory (East Haddam, Connecticut, USA) “Currently,

Nichole Watson

Emerging Cyclist, Activist and Organizer Portland, Oregon, USA “As an emerging cyclist

Tope Sosanya

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, 3D Designer, Photographer, Founder of PDX Skateparks Portland, Oregon,