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SHOWTIMES: Fri. 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!
Bike Kill – Brooklyn, NY | 2:46
Keith Ozar – New York, New York
A whirlwind glimpse at the down-and-dirty raucousness of Bike Kill

The Ant and the Grasshopper | 1:56
Professor Dave Shapiro – Seattle, Washington
Sometimes wisdom comes in small packages.

Rack Attack! | 1:00
Travis Wittwer – Portland, Oregon
A follow up to Wittwer’s 2009 piece on the Wild Creatures of North America.

Lights Turn Heads | 1:15
Aldo Arias + Pam Tietze – New York, New York
A fanciful display of colorful lights from the crew at BikingRules.org

Copenhagen’s Climate-Friendly, Bike-Friendly Streets | 5:28
Elizabeth Press – New York, New York
In Copenhagen, fully 37 percent of commute trips are made by bike. Join Mikael Colville-Andersen, the bike culture evangelist behind Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic, as he offers a whirl-wind tour of how Copenhageners flock to the streets by bike even in December, when average temperatures hover just above freezing.

Tiny Pedals | 1:25
Jessica Vredenburg – Portland, Oregon
A Matryoshka doll finds love, first on two wheels, then with four. And the lamb comes along for the ride.

Everyman | 4:44
Adam Seidman – Portland, Oregon
A country boy dreams of adventures in Portland, and being able to contribute to Portland’s motto “Keep Portland Weird.”

I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me | 4:48
Karen Abad – Fairfield, California
A series of cryptic notes lead a man to find love through his routine ride to work.

I’m on a Bike! | 3:00
Bryan Simpson – Fort Collins, Colorado
Ain’t no traffic jams; this is real as it gets. I’m on a bike, bitch, don’t you ever forget.

Come watch bike movies!Bike Tunnels | 7:30
Aaron Trudgeon – Detroit, Michigan
This concept film makes a solid argument for the implementation of bike tunnels in our national transportation landscape. This film will wow you.

Spoke Tune | 3:00
Patrick Hughey – Portland, Oregon
A workshop provides this Italian bike mechanic with the means to make musical magic happen.

Build it – Street | :59
Carl Larson + Sarah Mirk – Portland, Oregon
The City of Portland has adopted a master bicycle plan to guide the city in bicycle planning by the year 2030. The Build It! campaign encourages the city to not just plan, but to actually build the plans.

Go! Paperboy! | 3:00
Nanofarm – Portland, Oregon
This paper boy has sass!
Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!

Parasol | 9:00
Webster Crowell – Seattle, Washington
Bikes, dancing and speed, drawn across the surface of a few thousand paper parasols.

Performance | 2:49
Robin Moore – Portland, Oregon
Its all about performance – that’s the name of the game.

Mein Fiets | 3:54
Allan Folz – Portland, Oregon
An astute look at the state of affairs for Critical Mass in Portland.

Unicycle Bastards Kick Zombie Ass | 3:53
Burk Webb – Portland, Oregon
From the in-your-face crew the Unicycle Bastards comes another film in their continuing saga of fighting zombies.


SHOWTIMES: Sat. 7pm | Sun. 9pm

Where the Bike Lane Ends | 2:30
Erin Flasher – Portland, Oregon
A poetic reflection on riding bikes.

Bicyclist Vs. Elephant | 1:42
Dan Kaufman – Portland, Oregon
When bikers enter the wild, they better be ready for elephants.
Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!
Cyclo Cross Dress | 5:35
Dan Schneider – San Francisco, California
A look at the annual cross dressing cyclocross race of San Francisco, California.

The Bike-Car “Hands-On” | 2:50
Johnnie Olivan – Portland, Oregon
ReJuiced shows off their sweet rides.

Drive Thru Mayhem | 3:00
Joe Biel – Portland, Oregon
What happens when Burgerville, a Portland-area fast food chain that prides itself on sustainability, denies a cyclist drive through access.

A Grand Polo Match | 4:43
Janel Sterbentz – Berkeley, California
The year is 1922 and the grandest polo teams have converged for the grandest match.

Brian | 3:08
Tae and Yuna Lee – Portland, Oregon
Brian Reynolds rode his bike countless miles with only one lung, refusing to let his condition hold him back and defying all doctors’ expectations.

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!
Czech Cuts | 7:00
Joshuah Powers – Seattle, Washington
A man goes mad, very very mad, while cycling in the Czech Republic. Though he blames the insanity on his traveling partner, it’s clear that he may have had a madness long dwelling deep in his core.

Danger on the Road | 3:18
Morgan Patton – Portland, Oregon
On riding bikes and fighting cars.

Kinesis Creation | 2:28
Hi-May Rivera – Boise, Idaho
A glimpse at the bike-based mobile art creations of Hi-May Rivera.

Le Depart | 4:34
Martin Reis – Toronto, Canada
1950s French Postman on bike hears a rallying cry and activates.

Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop | 4:17
Spencer Boomhower – Portland, Oregon
What if a cyclists could preserve momentum and safely come to a yield at intersections? This method, sometimes called a bicyclist’s dream come true, actually exists in Idaho and is therefor known as the Idaho Stop. In this piece, Boomhower illustrates an argument for and explanation of the Idaho Stop.

Come watch bike movies!Live to Ride, Ride to Live | 2:18
Jeff Ross – Eugene, Oregon
If you don’t ride your bike, terrible things may happen.

Build it – Sam | :19
Carl Larson + Sarah Mirk – Portland, Oregon
The City of Portland has adopted a master bicycle plan to guide the city in bicycle planning by the year 2030. The Build It! campaign encourages the city to not just plan, but to actually build the plans.

Pedaling: NYC – Herbs + Botanical | 7:00
Iri Greco + Jim Fryer – New York, New York
Pedaling NYC is a cycling travel series featuring unique characters, regional food and wine activities, special guests, and unexpected curves in the road. Join them on a ride with the Saffron King.

Plant By Bike | 2:04
Brighton West – Portland, Oregon
A team of volunteers plants trees by bike.

Mr. Blumenauer goes to New York City to ride bikes | 3:58
Clarence Eckerson – New York, New York
Portlanders might have a thing or two to learn from New York City, and Earl breaks it down.

Obey Yourself | 4:00
FuckFlatlandEntertainment – Kyoto, Japan
The crew of FuckFlatlandEntertainment takes us on a ride.

Papergirl Portland | 3:28
Dustin Zemel – Portland, Oregon
The Papergirl project distributed art to the people of Portland – spreading cheer and creativity by bike.

Father and Daughter | 1:15
Michael Dudok de Wit – Tilburg, The Netherlands
A father says goodbye to his young daughter and leaves. She awaits his return, continually riding her bike to the place of his departure, through wind, storms and sun, braving a steep hill, longing to be reunited.

Come watch bike movies!Benhurt 2010 | 7:40
Johnnie Olivan – Portland, Oregon
Every year, BenHurt is a challenge of muscle, brawn, sheer force and chariot bikes. In 2010 the competition took place on road that is temporarily closed to cars, out in the middle of nowhere in far North Portland, a land of outlaws and burning bridges. You wish you were there.

Revolution | 1:15
Paco Abraham + Daniel Latorre- New York, New York
Biking rules!




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