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Click here for the festival schedulePlays Saturday at 9PM (21+), Sunday at 5PM (all ages)
Filmed by Bike limits entries to a mere 8 minutes. Tonight we take a break from the frenzy of packing a slew of short bike movies into one program as we relax and watch a few longer features. (With a few shorties to kick things off, of course.)

10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:56
Burk Webb – PortlandRacing Towards Red Hook

Roll On, Oregon | 1:30
Bicycle Transportation Alliance, North, Chris Hornbecke – Portland
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance celebrates the spirit of Portland cyclists and planners.

The Bike Train Movie | 2:04
Kiel Johnson – Portland
Riding to school as a bike “train” is the way to go.

Deep Custom | 6:37
T.C. Worley and Tony Franklin – Minneapolis
A documentary about Minneapolis-based custom bicycle frame builder, Erik Noren and his company, Peacock Groove Cycles.

Long Life | 6:48
Emmy Willis, Jade Owen, Jon Flahr – Vancouver
A Chinese immigrant to Canada shares her story.

Driven | 18:41
Asha Melvana – Boston, Massachusetts
In order to achieve his dream, will Ryan Van Duzer have to finally get a driver’s license?

Let’s Didgeridoo This | 16:42
Joseph Rich – Austin, Texas
We look forward to the title of this movie becoming a catch phrase in Portland, we give it a month before you start hearing it on the street. The Terrible One bike crew takes their show on the road – to Australia.

Racing Towards Red Hook | 21:02Racing Towards Red Hook
Jessica Scott, Hyde Harper, Thomas La Grega – Brooklyn
The rules of the Red Hook Criterium are simple: 20 laps, one year, zero brakes. 80 competitors speed through the streets of Brooklyn illuminated only by moonlight and dim streetlight. What started as a birthday ride for founder David Trimble has now grown into a worldwide explosion.