Bike Love

The Bike Love program features an inspiring mix of fun-loving bike stories from around the world. From documentaries to animated shorts, sink into your theater seat as lose yourself in the creative world of bikes.


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Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:04
Produced by Filmed by Bike – Portland, Oregon

Build a Cycle | 1:01
Roman Blomme, Nicolas G. Thiriet – Essex, UK
Escape the daily grind on a bike.

Kidical Mass | 4:14
Joe Biel – Portland, Oregon
Kidical Mass is a legal, safe and fun bike ride for kids, kids at heart and their families. Katie Proctor discusses the leadership, vision, activism, and direction of the movement that she says is fostering the next generation of cyclists.

Safety First | 1:06
Guy Garfunkel, Sasha Balson – Jerusalem, Israel
An old man goes for a ride.

The Ride Life: Benedicte | 2:05
Bert Sap, Camile Pollie – Brussels, Belgium
The Ride Life series takes viewers on day trips around Brussels to explore parks, cheese shops and cafes.


Where the Road Ends | 8:30
Paul Goh Shih Chuan – Singapore
A day in the life of a Singaporean cyclists who rides to escape and be free from his burdens.

Paper Boy | 3:00
Mik Gasapay, Chris McNally, David Lauer, Sam Ancona – San Francisco, California
A little paper dude goes for a ride.

The Venice Bike | 3:16
Grant Buckerfield – Santa Monica, California
How a bike and a sign saved a woman’s life.

Groningen: The World’s Cycling City | 15:35
Clarence Eckerson – New York, New York
Cyclists have it pretty good here in Portland, but we’ve got nothign on Groningen, definitely the World’s best cycling city. You’re going to need to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching this one.

Don’t be a square | 1:08
Dash Goldstein – Modi’in, Israel
What happens when a couple funny dudes discover wheels.

Cranks and Beans | 2:59
Logan Reynolds – Portland, Oregon
Logan Reynolds profiles a rider and his coffee operation in Milwaukee, WI.

Belfast Bicycle Workshop | 3:04
Austen Irwin / Mutiny Filmhouse – Belfast, Northern Ireland
An old coalhouse is now a packed cage of bicycles, gears, cogs and Austin Brown. Take part in his daily grid as he shares a love and passion for the bikes he repairs.

Bicycle Honeymoon | 4:29
Ryan Van Duzer – Boulder, Colorado
Join Ryan on stage for Bikes in the Night Sky, presented by Arkel. A night of live storytelling at the Clinton St. Theater Monday, April 21. [more]

Heart and Soul | 2:10
Chris Bruntlett – Vancouver, Canada
Cycle Chic Vancouver profiled Cecily and her biking journey.

The Postman | 1:30
Irene Lema – London, UK
A little gift sends this rickety postman on his way.
El Diablo
Walnut | 3:55
Tristan Stock and Sean Grasso – Portland, Oregon
Immerse yourself in the fine craftsmanship if Walnut Studiolo

Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway | 2:02
Produced by The Path Less Pedaled for Travel Oregon – Portland, Oregon

Morning Routine | 3:09
Scott Harris – Indianapolis, Indiana
The bike obsessed. They get it.

Le Grand Depart | 1:55
Tim Royle – Manchester, UK
A perfect day for a ride.

Miroslav Martinez | 1:36
Pablo Correa, Noe Mendoza – Madrid, Spain
A few years ago the filmmakers came in contact with Miroslav Miklashtrvscky (Spanish name: Martínez) who shared tales of his life, from his days as first violin in the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra to handyman. Before going to work each morning, Miroslav would always go for a peculiar little spin. When we asked him why, this is what he said: “Asking why only serves to cut the wings off of dreams in flight.” The filmmakers always dreamed of making a documentary about Miroslav but weren’t able to find him again. This is their small homage to Miroslav and to all of those who don’t ask why.

El Diablo | 7:20
Paolo Casalis – Bra, Italy
The story of Didi Senft, better known as “El Doablo”, symbol and metaphor of all cycling fans.

The First Unstoppable | 7:17
Daniel Jaridd – London, England
The Unstoppable series profiles amazing people who are clearly unstoppable. The first in the series profiles Juanjo Méndez who loves cycling so much he continues to ride after a motorbike accident in which he lost his left arm and left leg.
He takes up “adapted” cycling and his determination takes him to wins at the world’s championships in 2011 and 2013 aand on to being a Spanish Champion on numerous occasions.

Wheelin’ | 6:00
Jason Drake, Jeremy Albert, JD Schuyler, Luke Tate – Indianapolis, Indiana
A brief story about Steve Carter and his mission to preserve the history of two wheels.