Duration: 75 Minutes
Shows: Saturday 5PM, Sunday 5PM (+ Filmmaker Q+A, + GoIndependent! Award), Tuesday 9PM

Sure, bicycles are for riding around town, commuting to work and running errands. But the people in this program are taking their pedaling to new heights on wild adventures in various ways.

Follow along the journeys of people who are doing conquering amazing feats on their bikes. You’ll leave this program inspired to ride more, go further, get out and explore.

FILMMAKER Q+A: Stick around after the Sunday program for a short Q+A session with filmmakers from across the country.

What is Bicycle Travel | 1:34
Russ Roca and Laura Crawford – Portland, Oregon
Russ and Laura showcase their love of bicycle travel.

Mountain Bike Kids Camp | 5:27
Dan Kaufman – Portland, Oregon
A glimpse the Northwest Trails Alliance day to get more kids riding mt. bikes.

Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe | 7:00
David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen – San Francisco, California
Go light. See the world. Explore.

Disaster Relief Trials | 7:47
Joe Biel – Portland, Oregon
A 9.3 earthquake has hit the region – how will we survive? Bikers to the rescue! In this simulation competition, bikers retrieve 100 lbs of supplies from eight checkpoints, showcasing strength, speed and agility.

16 Stories from the North Sea | 7:20
Janice Snyder and Chris New – Portland, Oregon
Adventures happen in the most unexpected ways.

I dream of Biking | 2:23
Cobi Rusch – Portland, Oregon
Sometimes things get in the way of riding your bike, but this young boy perseveres.

Bike Cart Bungee Skating | 3:35
Alex Milan Tracy – Portland, Oregon
Take a wild cruise through the streets of Portland with Alex and his crew.

BMX Vallarta: Manuel Ponce | 3:39
Nestor Ramirez – Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
Puerta Vallarta’s BMX crew welcomes Manuel Ponce as he shows of his skills on the streets of Vallarta.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson Tribute | 1:!5
Amy Salisbury and Filmed by Bike – Portland, Oregon
Filmed by Bike pays tribute to Peter Root and Mary Thompson, who passed away February 2013

Cycling Central Asia | 7:00
Peter Root and Mary Thompson – Guernsey, UK
Peter and Mary takes us on an unexpected journey through Central Asia and a glimpse at the connections they made along the way.

Hurricane Sandy on Bikes | 5:00
Casey Neistat – New York City, New York
During Hurricane Sandy, filmmaker Casey Neistat and a few other bold bikers adventured until the power went out. Bikes allowed them to navigate the high waters that stranded cars as they explore the desolate streets of New York City.

Circle Century | 4:36
Merritt Raitt – Portland, Oregon
An obsessed biker completes a 100 mile bike ride – in a circle.

Devin Tolman: End of Summer | 4:27
Stephen Blanquie – Portland, Oregon
A beautiful ride.

Mick | 4:45
Perception NW – Portland, Oregon
Some people have addictions and obsessions, some more than others.