Bicycle Dreams

Bicycle Dreams

Duration: 75 Minutes
Shows: Sunday 7PM (+ Filmmaker Q+A), Tuesday 7PM (+ Golden Helmet Award, presented by Radio Room)

This program features creative short movies from around the world. The fantastic collection includes a wide diversity of film styles.

Debuting in this program is “Bare as You Dare”, a richly produced 17 minute documentary on the Portland World Naked Bike Ride, produced by Ian McCluskey and his team from NW Documentary, the beneficiary of Filmed by Bike.

FILMMAKER Q+A: Stick around after the Sunday program for a short Q+A session with filmmakers from across the country.

The Fox and the Grapes | 1:22
Prof. Dave and Mimi G – Seattle, Washington
Crowd favorites Prof. Dave and his daughter Mimi G. are at it again with this moral tale.

Light / Night | 5:36
Taylor Kirk – Austin, Texas
Through this collaboration between Andrea Beckham and Taylor Kirk, 700 bike lights were given away in Austin, Texas following a gorgeous bike-based performance piece. As the light of night changes, the performance becomes even more striking.

Beauty and the Bike | 8:00
Richard and Beatrix Grassick – Bremen, Germany
A fascinating look into the world of young women who ride bikes.

Bare as You Dare | 17:58
Ian McCluskey, Lilah Cady and Jenn Byrne – Portland, Oregon
The World Naked Ride takes place all over the globe, but the largest event is right here in Portland. In the summer of 2012, the crew of NW Documentary (Filmed by Bike’s beneficiary) trailed along with the ride for a rich glimpse into this wild event through the experience of some (unexpected) participants.

Wing Mirror | 1:33
Gabriel Donati – Milano, Italy
A creative ride through the city.

Bicycle Race Parody | 1:31
Ted Passon – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I want to ride my bicycle.

Roll | 2:10
Mike Fierros – Chicago, Illinois
A richly artistic bicycle ride.

Doored | 2:00
Mike Vogel – Portland, Oregon
Former Filmed by Bike juror and crowd favorite Mike Vogel returns with this humorous piece.

Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer) | 3:01
Andy Chandler and Sam Dinkowitz – Portland, Oregon
You can try to get where you’re going, but once you enter this diagonal nightmare, you’ll never leave Sandy Blvd.

Santa Cycle Rampage | 6:30
Mark Irving – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Grab your Santa hand and join in this wild Midwest winter ride.

I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding my Bike | 3:43
Tynan Davis and Victor Murillo – Oakland, California
We’ve long been fans of the Oakland Scraper Bike kids, and are stoked to have this music video in this year’s festival.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike | 3:01
Guillame Blanchet – Montreal, Canada
Can you ride one handed? No handed? Track stand? You’ve got nothing on this guy. A man does conquers amazing daily feats on this bike in this quirky-cute piece.

C’Mon Let Me Ride | 4:10
Skylar Grey – USA