Bike Party

Saturday night, bring the ruckus! Tonight we bring out the boldest and funniest of the 2014 Filmed by Bike movies to give you a taste of what to expect all festival long. Tonight is only one of five programs that play throughout the festival. This program includes movies that won’t be shown in other programs. Loud? Probably. Irreverent? Most likely. Fun? Undoubtedly.
Rated NFH: Not For the Faint of Heart.


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Saturday 7pm, 9pm

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Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:04
Produced by Filmed by Bike – Portland, Oregon

Tale of a Tenner | 2:30
Tim Royle – Cheshire, UK
There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into economy can be over £50. Follow the tale of a tenners as it journeys around town.

Heart and Soul | 2:10
Chris Bruntlett – Vancouver, Canada
Cycle Chic Vancouver profiled Cecily and her biking journey.

Making a Splash in Miami | 6:36
Greg Hum – Cambridge, MA
A tale of a man, his bike and a drum.

Fajrlauf | :57
Domen Ozbot – Slovenia
Riders light up the night sky with fire and flames in this short but powerful Slovenian piece.

Miroslav Martínez | 1:36
Pablo Correa, Noe Mendoza – Madrid, Spain
A few years ago the filmmakers came in contact with Miroslav Miklashtrvscky (Spanish name: Martínez) who shared tales of his life, from his days as first violin in the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra to handyman. Before going to work each morning, Miroslav would always go for a peculiar little spin. When we asked him why, this is what he said: “Asking why only serves to cut the wings off of dreams in flight.” The filmmakers always dreamed of making a documentary about Miroslav but weren’t able to find him again. This is their small homage to Miroslav and to all of those who don’t ask why.

McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway | 2:05
Produced by Path Less Pedaled for Travel Oregon – Portland, Oregon
Miroslav - closeup

Wheelin’ | 6:00
Jason Drake, Jeremy Albert, JD Schuyler, Luke Tate – Indianapolis, Indiana
A brief story about Steve Carter and his mission to preserve the history of two wheels.

Trashed Bike |1:00
Gerard Hindle, Wren Steiner – Middle Park, Australia
Watch it burn.

FLOW: Elements of Freeride | 2:58
Oly Mingo – Wenatchee, WA
Follow Geophysicist Rex Flake on a high-adrenaline mountain bike ride through the Cascade Mountains as he identifies the flora, fauna, and geology of this cinematic region and explains how all these individual elements come together to create the experience of “Flow”. Uniquely edited without the typical hard core soundtrack, watch and see why Filmed by Bike is declaring this the most surprisingly refreshing freeride movie we’ve ever seen.

El Diablo | 7:20
Paolo Casalis – Bra, Italy
The story of Didi Senft, better known as “El Doablo”, symbol and metaphor of all cycling fans.

Morning Routine | 3:09
Scott Harris – Indianapolis, Indiana
Only the bike obsessed will understand.

Cowboys Amateurs | 3:02
Etienne Theroux, Pablo Mereker Sague – Quebec City, Canada
What happens when two bike cowboys go head to head on the streets of New Mexico?

Ball Wednesday | 2:03
Francesca Nobili – Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Bike polo is on the rise. Entire product lines are now manufactured to serve the players of this popular sport. Amidst the glitz and glory, everyone thinks about the bikes and players, but no one thinks about the ball.


Blueshoes | 3:04
Matthew Clark – Portland, Oregon
Sometimes you like a guy so much all you want to do is write him a love long and dream about him riding his bike on Belmont.

Look Good Feel Good Lessons | 3:50
Adam Moore – Portland, Oregon
The Look Good Feel Good team shows us how it’s done. They take their racing very seriously.

Dust in the Chain | 4:37
Norbi Whitney – Quebec, Canada
Shot in an abandoned chocolate factory in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, bike performer Yohann Trepanier dances his amazing skills.