International Extended Play

International Extended Play

Duration: 90 Minutes
Shows: Sunday 9PM

Filmed by Bike specializes in super short bike movies from around the world, but we also love to live on the edge and bend our own rules.

Tonight we take a break from the frenzy of packing a slew of short bike movies into one program as we relax and watch three impressive longer international films ranging from 15-17 minutes in length. (With a few shorties mixed in for excitement.)

Sweet Ride | 4:19
Ilima Considine – Portland, Oregon
Sometimes you find people in the most unexpected of ways.

Gaia Festival | 4:00
Janel Sterbentz – San Francisco, California
A team of bikers sets out by bike for the Gaia Festival.

Doored Again | 1:30
Ray Thomas and Greg Conyers – Portland, Oregon
An expert in bicycle law, Attorney Ray Thomas showcases what not to do.

For Lovers | 4:00
Bernard Sanders – Portland, Oregon
A lovingly creative piece.

Easy Rollin | 17:15
Uadas Levy and Marianne Bos – Vancouver, Canada
A community of cycling enthusiasts in Vancouver, Canada, finds funky ways to bring together their environmental and artistic ideals to promote green transportation and alternative ways of engaging within a car-congested society.

Cry Baby Hill | 3:43
Keith Walberg – Topeka, Kansas
The streets are jam-packed with the most enthusiastic fans you’ve ever seen at this wild bike race.

Abandoned: Bikes on the Street | 6:31
Rob Vanderenabeele – Boston, Massachusetts
A visual dirge for bikes abandon on the streets.

Three Legged Horses | 14:59
Felipe Bustoss Sierra – Eddinburgh, Scotland
A rickshaw driver with bad knees makes brief but powerful encounters with buskers, drunks and potential passengers on his last night in Edinburgh.

BMX Flatland Bowling Alley | 1:24
Matti Hemmings – Bristol, UK
BMX trick rider Matti Hemmings shows off his mad skills.

Bad Bikes | 3:05
Edward Valibus – Cordova, Tennessee
What happens when bikes go bad?

King of the Ice (Le Roi de Glace) | 17:30
Dale Sood – Toronto, Canada
Most people tremble at the idea of riding a bike in the winter. For several dedicated Toronto cyclists and bike messengers, winter is a time to relish in the ice as they showcase their biking dedication. For nearly 20 years, Toronto has been the scene of North America’s only bicycle ice race in a closed velodrome style circuit – otherwise known as an ice hockey rink.