Bike Party : Opening Night Special Program of Shorts

Bike Party: Opening Night Special Program of Shorts

Duration: 100 Minutes
Shows: Saturday 7PM, 9PM

This program showss only on Opening Night and features the Speed Raffle, Presented by Sock Dreams

We know the Filmed by Bike fans who come to Opening Night like to have a good time, so we’ve programed a special collection of festival favorites for this high-energy program. Some of our most raucous and exciting films will play during this program – and some will not be screened again. Get ready for an animated atmosphere. If you prefer your movie screenings quiet and reserved, this one is not for you.

Be sure to buy tickets (or a festival pass) for other festival programs; what we’re showing tonight is only a very small taste of what the festival offers.

Cry Baby Hill | 3:43
Keith Walberg – Topeka KS
The streets are jam-packed with the most enthusiastic fans you’ve ever seen at this wild bike race.

The Fox and the Grapes | 1:22
Prof. Dave and Mimi G – Seattle WA
Crowd favorites Prof. Dave and his daughter Mimi G. are at it again with this moral tale.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson Tribute | 1:15
Amy Salisbury and Filmed by Bike – Portland OR
Filmed by Bike pays tribute to Peter Root and Mary Thompson, who passed away February 2013

Cycling Central Asia | 7:20
Peter Root and Mary Thompson – Guernsey, UK
Peter and Mary takes us on an unexpected journey through Central Asia and a glimpse at the connections they made along the way.

Bike Love Trailer | 4:30
Kara Minnehan and Kevin Hanzlik – Portland, Oregon
What would it be like to abruptly go car-free? Kara Minnehan has spent the last year exploring a car-free lifestyle and shares her journey with us in this prelude to her full-length documentary.

Score Me, Maybe? | 4:50
Effie Siverts, Mielle Blomberg, Heather VanValkenburg – Portland/Bend, Oregon
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association has big fans.

Sock Dreams Speed Raffle

I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding my Bike | 3:43
Tynan Davis and Victor Murillo – Oakland, California
We’ve long been fans of the Oakland Scraper Bike kids, and are stoked to have this music video in this year’s festival.

Bike Cart Bungee Skating | 3:35
Alex Milan Tracy – Portland, Oregon
Take a wild cruise through the streets of Portland with Alex and his crew.

Bare as You Dare Trailer | 1:45
Ian McCluskey, Lilah Cady and Jenn Byrne – Portland, Oregon
The World Naked Ride takes place all over the globe, but the largest event is right here in Portland. In the summer of 2012, the crew of NW Documentary (Filmed by Bike’s beneficiary) trailed along with the ride for a rich glimpse into this wild event through the experience of some (unexpected) participants. Tonight, you’ll see the trailer only. The full 17 minute film plays during the Bicycle Dreams program.

I Put my Bike on the Bus | 3:48
Mary Leighton – Vancouver, Canada
Cuties from Vancouver show how to put your bike on the bus.

The Man Who Lived on His Bike | 3:00
Guillame Blanchet – Montreal, Canada
Can you ride one handed? No handed? Track stand? You’ve got nothing on this guy. A man does conquers amazing daily feats on this bike in this quirky-cute piece.

Everybody’s Bike Rentals | 2:10
Dan Sloan and Tall Paul – Portland, Oregon
Need a bike rental? How about a goat?

Sandy Blvd: The Movie (Trailer) | 3:01
Andy Chandler and Sam Dinkowitz – Portland, Oregon
You can try to get where you’re going, but once you enter this diagonal nightmare, you’ll never leave Sandy Blvd.

C’Mon Let Me Ride | 4:12
Skylar Grey – USA