Best of the Best!

The Best of the Best!

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Click here for the festival schedulePlays Wednesday at 7PM (21+), 9PM (21+)
When Filmed by Bike first started, we were armed with few VHS tapes and crossing our fingers that 40 people would show up. We were bowled over by 80 people who eagerly paid for standing-room-only tickets and craned their necks to see the movies. At that very moment we knew we were on to something and Filmed by Bike was born. Here we are, nine years later. Cycling has grown worldwide, especially here in Portland, and we’ve been there every pedal stroke of the way.

Join us tonight for a special night in the theater as we dig into our archives and feature the best of the best from the last nine years.

10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:56
Burk Webb – Portland

The Tortoise and the Hare (2009) | 1:532011
Professor Dave, Madcow – Seattle
A tale.

Claire Rides a Bike (2009) | 7:53
Mike Vogel – Portland
Clare discovers biking, only to also discover that she’s over her deadbeat boyfriend. In a moment of velo-triumph, she escapes.

My Girl (2008) | 4:402011
Shawn Collins – Bellingham, Washington
Sometimes you have to be willing to make changes to be noticed.

Go! Paperboy! (2010) | 3:00
Nanofarm – Portland
This paperboy don’t play by the rules.

Performance (2010) | 2:492011
Robin Moore – Portland
Winner of the Golden Helmet Award, 2010. Robin Moore is the master of spoof rap videos with a bike theme. Others have attempted, but Robin crushes them all.

Training Wheels (2011) | 5:38
Sarah Flemming – Memphis
Winner of the Golden Helmet Award, 2011. Tommy Kha learns to ride a bike – as an adult.

Right Hook (2011) | 1:502011
Mike Vogel – Portland
Golden Helmet Award Nominee, 2011. Douchebag.

Revolution (2010) | 1:15
Paco Abraham + Daniel Latorre – New York
Who needs cars?

Training Wheels (2006) | 2:082011
Ramsey Bayer – Michigan
A stop-animation feature on a girl’s bicycle play date gone wrong.

The Tomorrows (2009) | 3:23
Gabriel Allard Gagnon, Andre Peloquin, Guillame Marin – Toronto, Canada
Musician Matt Fuzz zooms down the asphalt on his bike. Under the street lights of Montreal, the urban elements begin to flow to the beat of his Game Boy-made music. The Tomorrow(s) was filmed as a part of the Making Music 2007 emerging filmmaker initiative, produced in association with the Pop Montreal festival.

Unicycle Bastards Kick Zombie Ass (2010) | 3:532011
Burk Webb – Portland
Golden Helmet Award Nominee 2010. The Unicycle Bastards don’t like zombies, and they’re out to prove it.

Skidders (2008) | 2:00
David Valdez, Lars C. Larsen – Portland
A cool take on skidding.

Manquer (2007) | 7:152011
Sean Pecknold, Matt Danielson – Seattle
A young boy is separated from his bike in this lovely piece.

Tag (2007) | 5:10
Will Pouty – Minnesota
A bike messenger and a roller blader race on the streets of London in this gritty, downtemmpo piece by Will Pouty.

Bat for Lashes “What’s a Girl to Do?”(2010) | 2:802011
Dougal Wilson – London
The best bike music video. Ever.

A Change in Transportation (2009) | 7:56
Justin Strommer – Portland
Shot on the streets of Portland.

Lords of the Chain Ring | 6:15
Adam Katzman (2004) – Prescott, Arizoma
This is the piece that started it all. Once we screened this one in 2004, we knew we wanted more – much more. Adam went on to submit many other crowd favorites over the years, but this one still holds the trophy as our favorite as it signifies the spirit of our early days.

Ski Boys (2007) | 8:002011
Benny Zenga – Toronto
Words cannot describe. Enjoy this rare opportunity to see Ski Boys on the big screen!