2016 World’s Best Bike Movies Program A

Friday, May 6, 7:00pm

Hollywood Theatre

Filmed by Bike features the world’s best bike movies. The 2016 Opening Night included two amazing programs (A and B) that showcase an inspiring mix of fun-loving bike stories. From documentaries to animated shorts, sink into your theater seat as lose yourself in the creative world of bikes.

Both programs are unique and only play tonight – we recommend you see them both.


LocalAwardTinyHBicycle Tut | 3:30
Alexandr Beran and Conrad (Icon) Kaczor – Portland, Oregon USA
Icon dances through Portland at twenty miles-per-hour.

KRAS | 2:11
Tomáš Franta, Martin Kacvinský – Brno, Czech Republic
Hidden in the hills of Moravia, it would be easy to overlook KRAS through it is the center for low profile recreation. Adam Ondra, arguably the best rock climber in the world grew up climbing the limestone formations that make up this gorgeous region. Follow along as cyclists explore by bike where the caves and sinkholes are big, the wind is crisp, the descents are fast and the climbs are absolutely crushing.

Rookie | 7:32
Damian Ineichen/Transalpes.com – Bonstetten, Switzerland
Adventurers travel the Swiss Alps to explore the terrain and test the new Transalpes Rookie.

Indie Alaska: I Am A Winter Cyclist | 3:50
Eric Keto, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Winter weather doesn’t stop Ellie Mitchell from hitting the road, the trail, or the racing circuit.

Toof | 6:42
Renee Tillo – London, Great Britain
Meet Joe: 18 years old, bike thief, West Ham supporter and would-be charmer. He owes money around town and must pay it back. Joe tries to make good by selling stolen bikes, but his past catches up with him.

Team InFocus – Silence | 3:00
Moment Pictures GmbH – Hohenschäftlarn, Bavaria, Germany
This striking piece featuring pro riders Andi Tillmann and Flo Berghammer uses a natural sound design that draws viewers to the trail.

Car Bike Bus RACE | 5:27
Matthew J Nemer – Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Matthew races a bike against a car and bus while navigating the urban core.

Riding Behind the Curtain: Slovenia | 5:56
Podia – Kraków, Poland
In 1948, Tito removed Yugoslavia from the communist alliance Cominform, effectively severing links with the Soviet Union. He started his own Socialist program that contributed to the peace in the Balkan region until his death in 1991. This ride takes you through the region of Slovenia.

Renowned Series | 2:30
Emile Mathieu – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Renown Series showcases the best of extreme unicycling around the world.

Mrs. Funfia | 2:14
Margarida Madeira – Lisboa, Portugal
Mrs. Funfia wore a skirt her entire life. But one day she decided to try a pair of trousers…

King of the Mountain | 8:41
Orlando von Einsiedel – London, Great Britain
As a boy growing up, Samuel Mugisha dreamed of being a part of the Rwandan national cycling team, Team Rwanda, as he believed it would be a way to help make money for his family. What he discovered was something else entirely. In a country trying to get over the trauma of a genocide, Team Rwanda represents a lot more than sport.