Travel Shorts

Presented by Arkel

Bicycle adventures take us places no car ever could. From the vantage point of a saddle, the world is suddenly more vibrant. It’s all about the sites, scents, sounds and the amazing people you meet along the way. Join us for a night of getting lost in the landscape as we tag along on the bike adventures of cyclists around the globe. The power of the bicycle has never been more evident than in this program of short bike movies from around the world.


Moderator: The Metal Cowboy
Door prizes from Arkel


Sunday 7pm

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Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:04
Produced by Filmed by Bike – Portland, Oregon

900 Days of Adventures and Challenges Around the World | 5:03
Morgan Monchaud, Siphey Vera, Brian Mathe – Le Gran Du Roi, France
Four Frenchmen set out to travel the globe by bike. They stop half way to make a movie for Filmed by Bike. When that movie was accepted, they re-routed their journey to ensure they could pedal to Portland in time for the 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike. The Frenchmen now present their final piece, a synopsis of the entire grand journey.

Tailwind: Prairie Harvest | 2:00
Steve Langston – Winnipeg, Canada
Bicycle travel can mean so much.

To Brussels | 5:07
Bela Uncle Cat Higashiku – Hiroshima, Japan
A ride journal, complete with ups, and downs and cute illustration overlays.

Bike for Bread | 26:08
Claude Marthaler, Raphaël Jochaud – France
In the beginning of the world was the Nile, and then came bread and cycling. Over a solid half-century, Cairo has invented an unusual means of delivering bread. As if they were tightrope walkers, the city’s cyclists soar like shooting stars, zooming up one-way streets against endless lines of cars, slipping between the rows of chairs of a café, and disappearing into a bazaar. One hand serves to balance a wooden rack on their heads, bearing hundreds of rounds of bread, and the other rests on the handlebar. The future of these figures, so familiar in Cairo, remains nonetheless as precarious as that of the Sphinx. Cyclonaut, Claude Marthaler, went there in person to tell the life story of one of Cairo’s bread deliverymen.

Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa | 7:17
Benny Zenga, Lucas Brunelle- Boston, Massachusetts
Cinelli and Tour di Afrique collaborated on a ride that three cyclists completed from Namibia to South Africa.

DC to Pittsburgh to Toronto | 4:13
Levi Pounds – Toronto, Canada
This is the movie you show all your friends when they wonder why you want to go on bicycle touring adventures.

Blue Mountain Scenic Bikeway | 1:56
Produced by The Path Less Pedaled for Travel Oregon – Portland, Oregon

The Escape | 16:48
Union Production Co. – Vancouver, Canada
Each town in British Columbia seems to offer better singletrack than the last one visited. To prove what’s out there Dave Roth and Seb Kemp cycled, on mountain bikes, from Whistler around the Strait of Georgia, stopping in Squamish, the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Cumberland, Hornby Island, Parksville, Duncan and Saturna Island.


Dalston to the Dam | 6:28
Paul Drury – London, UK
A story about a team of dreamers.

FLOW: Elements of Freeride | 2:58
Oly Mingo | Wenatchee, Washington
Follow Geophysicist Rex Flake on a high-adrenaline mountain bike ride through the Cascade Mountains as he identifies the flora, fauna, and geology of this cinematic region and explains how all these individual elements come together to create the experience of ‘Flow’. Uniquely edited without the typical hard core soundtrack, watch and see why Filmed by Bike is declaring this the most surprisingly refreshing freeride movie we’ve ever seen.