2011 Bike Love: Shorts Program C

Bike Love: Shorts Program C

SHOWTIMES: Sat: 7pm | Sun: 7pm

Strategies for Getting Around Without Lights (or Pants) | 1:05
WM Stephen Humphry – Portland, Oregon
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance sets us straight with these important tips.

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Cyclical Thoughts | 1:50
Eric Johnson – Seattle, Washington
Some people do their best thinking while on their bicycles.

The Manual | 5:50
Joe Biel + Steve Bozzone – Portland, OR
There are special times when the most dry of information can be fascinating. Welcome to the world of The Manual.

David’s Magic Ride | 2:22
Kelly Kendziorsla – Portland, Oregon
David’s going on a magical journey, and he wants you to come along with him.

Crash | 5:23
Ilima Considine – Portland, Oregon
A love story, told through crashes.

Cycling Copenhagen Through North American Eyes | 10:45
Street Films – New York, New York
North Americans is Copenhagen for a cycling conference offer their insights into the Mecca of bike infrastructure.

Me and My Bike | 1:17
Cultural Video – Kenya, Africa
Kenyan teens rap about the benefits of riding a bike.

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!

Fagatron | 4:00
Nickey Robare – Portland, Oregon
Striptease, love, passion, rain gear. What happens when two bikers arrive at a dance party at the same time?

Remember Your First Bike? | 8:50
Chad Berkley – Portland, Oregon
A documentary about the Community Cycling Center’s annual Holiday Bike Drive. With the help of a huge volunteer crew, this Portland-based non-profit organization gives away hundreds of bikes to underprivileged kids every winter.

Only Yours | 4:22
Elizabeth Press + Apocalypse Five and Dime – NYC
A building music extravaganza by bike.

Big Joy | 2:23
Becky Morton + Ryan Wilder- Portland, Oregon
Band on the road – on a bike, with striptease.

SF Bicycle Music Festival | 7:15
Janel Sterbentz + John Hamilton + Paul Freedman – San Francisco, California
An inspiring portrait of the Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco.

Key West Philosophy | :50
Brighton West – Portland, Oregon
A quick glimpse at the Key West, Florida’s bike-driven transportation culture.

3 Speed Roadmaster | 3:33
Aaron Trudgeon- Detroit, Michigan
We have the resources, we can rebuild him, but it’s going to take time and dedication, and that’s precisely what Trudgeon’s got – in spades! This film will resonate especially deeply with those who saw the 2010 debut of Trudgeon’s popular “Bike Tunnels”.

Same Suburb, Different Park | 4:00
Matt Richards – Australia
An elegant music video about a girl capturing what isn’t as she journeys by bike through the woods and parks with her old camera.

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!

The Explorations of Mr. Furt | 2:00
Jessica Vrendenburg – Portland, Oregon
Everyone wonders where the hot dog comes from, but in Vredenburg’s tender travel animation, you get to see where the hot dog goes.

Training Wheels| 5:38
Sarah Fleming – Memphis, Tennessee
A young man allows us an intimate look into his wearisome experience learning to ride a bike as an adult.

Astoria | 3:38
Burk Webb – Portland, Oregon
Memorable moments of the Cross Crusade in a montage of costumed cycling action.