Blood, Sweat and Gears: Celebrating Cyclocross

Blood, Sweat and Gears: Celebrating Cyclocross

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Click here for the festival schedulePlays Tuesday at 7PM (21+), 9PM (21+)
To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we’re taking a night to celebrate the sport that changed how Portland bikers enter Fall. No longer are we holed up in our houses dreading the dreary weather. Cyclocross, equally entertaining for spectators and participants, makes two-wheeled party magic happen, rain or shine. Tonight we showcase a program dedicated to the relentlessly creative spirit of cyclocross, paying particular homage to our hometown Cross Crusade race series, widely regarded as the best in the world.

10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:56
Burk Webb – Portland

Cross Crusade 2011 – Retrospective | 5:55Cross Crusade 2011 - Retrospective
Dave Rosen – Beaverton
A quick and dirty retrospective of the 2011 Cross Crusade season.

The Race | 3:42
Chad Ramberg – Portland
In the Kiddy Cross at Cross Crusade we see the drive and determination of future racers. Enjoy the ride from beginning to end as a 5 year old takes on the challenges of the Washington County Fair grounds cyclocross course in 2011. Feel the frustration and pain as he takes on the sand hill, the challenges of the barriers and ultimately the glory of the finish.

The Good, The Beered and The Muddy | 2:45
Ben Stuart – Portland
The jury was dismayed that, despite the title, there is no mud and beer in this film, but they accepted it anyway.

Cyclocross in Our Words – Pt. 1 | 9:58 Iri Greco and Jim Fryer, BrakeThrough Media – Brooklyn
Iri and Jim travel the world to capture the spirit of bicycle racing, with a special love of cyclocross.

Rapha Not So Gentle Ride | 3:11Rapha Not So Gentle Ride
Jade Koide – Portland
Team Beer takes their best shot at the ass-kicking Rapha Gentlemen’s Ride of 2011.

Astoria | 5:02
Jade Koide – Portland Astoria once played host to the annual Halloween ride for the Cross Crusade series, and the antics were epic. They continue to be so, just not in Astoria anymore.

Kansai CX Lake Biwa 2011 | 3:43Kansai CX Lake Biwa 2011
Daniel Sharp and Alden Morgan – Portland
A gorgeous glimpse at the International Cyclist Union-sanctioned cyclocross race on Lake Biwa in the Shiga prefecture, northeast of Kyoto, Japan. Featuring Portland-based racer Molly Cameron.

Race of the Dead | 5:00 Jesse Bostick – Toronto
A cyclocross race like no other.

Bilenky Junkyard Cross | 8:00Bilenky Junkyard Cross
Bill Schieken – Washington D.C.
Mud is not enough raucousness for DC bikers – so they’re taking it to the junkyard, dog.

Cross-Dressed | 14:28Rob Finch, Jamie Francis – PortlandCross-Dressed
What the Cross Crusade hype all about? Rob and Jamie attempt to explain, with a little help from Cross Crusade Director Brad Ross.