2014 Feature Length: Ciclo

May 1, 1956. Two brothers, Arturo and Gustavo Martinez, leave their hometown in central Mexico with the desire to cross the continent on bicycle. Eighty-two days later, they arrive in Toronto, not knowing this feat would change the entire route of their lives and of their family tree.

This epic journey has formed part of their family’s folklore. Fifty-four years later, Arturo and Gustavo Рnow in their 70s Рretrace the same path, in an exploration of memory, the cycle of life and the unavoidable passage of time. Join us as we adventure along for a glimpse at this important piece of Mexican history.


Sunday 3pm
Includes an all-ages Easter Egg Hunt in the theater!

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Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway | 2:03
Produced by The Path Less Pedaled for Travel Oregon – Portland, Oregon

Ciclo : 91:00
Andrea Martinez Crowther – Mexico City, Mexico
Primarily in Spanish with English subtitles