2011 Friday Program: Shorts Program A

Friday Program: Shorts Program A

SHOWTIMES: Fri. 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Get Dirty | 3:07
Robin Moore – Portland, Oregon
Last year’s Golden Helmet Award winning film star from “Performance” is done with all that squeaky clean.

Astoria | 3:38
Burk Webb – Portland, Oregon
Memorable moments of a Cross Crusade cyclocross series race in a montage of costumed cycling action.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls | 4:20
Director: Daniel Garcia, Producer: The Secretariat // My Active Driveway – New York, New York
Portland bikers show their stripes while jousting in this gritty, hot and steamy LCD Soundsystem video remake. Features rough-and-tumble women on tall bikes, beer swilling and rad action in slow-mo.

There Goes an Asshole | 3:24
Daniel Saks – Brooklyn, New York
Have you ever had a bike stolen and wondered how it happened?

A Summer Behind Bars | 7:45
Ironclad Performance Wear Cycling Team – Portland, Oregon
A brief glimpse of the love, sweat, and spunk of the Portland-based Ironclad racing team.

Cyclocross on Kodachrome 40 | 2:22
Lars C. Larsen – Portland, Oregon
Long-time Filmed by Bike contributor Lars C. Larsen returns to Filmed by Bike with a bold claim: he’s got the last bike movie shot on Kodachrome. Kodachrome was the first color film ever available, but as of December 2010 not a single lab has the machinery necessary to process the film. Right before the last lab closed down. Larsen managed to shoot one last bike movie.

The Explorations of Mr. Furt | 2:00
Jessica Vrendenburg – Portland, Oregon
Everyone wonders where the hot dog comes from, but in Vredenburg’s tender travel animation, you get to see where one bike riding hot dog goes (and how he goes!).


Fagatron | 4:00
Nickey Robare – Portland, Oregon
Striptease, love, passion, rain gear. What happens when two bikers arrive at a dance party at the same time?

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The Boy Who Cried “Mechanical” | 2:00
Professor Dave Shaprio – Seattle, Washington
The latest in Prof. Shapiro’s popular series of allegorical bike tales with a beery theme.

Strategies for Getting Around Without Lights (or Pants) | 1:05
WM Stephen Humphry – Portland, Oregon
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance sets us straight with these important tips.

Big Joy | 2:23
Becky Morton – Portland, Oregon
Band on the road – on a bike, with striptease.

Right Hook | 1:50
Mike Vogel – Portland, Oregon

Filmed by Bike - Every April - Come watch bike movies!

3 Speed Roadmaster | 3:33
Aaron Trudgeon- Detroit, Michigan
We have the resources, we can rebuild him, but it’s going to take time and dedication, and that’s precisely what Trudgeon’s got – in spades! This film will resonate especially deeply with those who saw the 2010 debut of Trudgeon’s popular “Bike Tunnels”.

Same Suburb, Different Park | 4:00
Matt Richards – Australia
An elegant music video about a girl capturing what isn’t as she journeys by bike through the woods and parks with her old camera.

All You Haters (Suck My Balls) | 4:00
Evan Nix and Adam Nix – Denver, Colorado
Hipsters are people too.