Opening Night: Shorts Program A

Opening Night: Shorts Program A

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Click here for the festival schedulePlays at 7PM, 9PM, 11PM (21+)
A specially curated program that caters to our infamously raucous Opening Night crowd. This program will not disappoint! But be sure to come see the other programs throughout the festival as everything is amazing this year.

10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike Trailer | 1:56
Burk Webb – Portland

Goldilocks and the Three Bikes | 1:18
Professor Dave and Mimi G. – Seattle
Prof. Dave and Mimi’s allegorical tales continue with this fourth installment in the series.

Critical Mass is Alive and Well: Guadalajaras Paseo de Todos| 4:53
Clarence Eckerson, Jr. – New York
Street Films offers us a glimpse at the vibrant state of Critical Mass in Guadalajara today.

La Bicicleta | 4:45
Mark Beaty and Cameron Glegg – Victoria
A bicycle-loving band brings the party – helmets and all.

10 Things I have learned about Mountain Biking | 3:3510 Things I learned about Mountain Biking
Tom Malecha – Zurich, Switzerland
A gorgeous reflection on the love of mt. biking.

The Loaded Warrior | 4:15
Jay Broemmer – San Francisco
Beer rules in this raucous adventure movie.

The Blair Cow Project | 1:04The Blair Cow Project
Mark Reinecke – Bend
Sometimes you encounter an unwanted guest on your serene rural group rides….

1 on it | 4:16
Kurt Gensheimer, Theo Dilworth, Brock Dickie – Escondido, California
A music video and more.

Confessions of a Pedalphile | 5:56
Courderoy Wednesday – Memphis, Tennessee
What happens when a man’s love is taken too far.

490 Days of Adventures and Challenges Around the World | 3:49
Brian Mathe – Port Camargue, France
Follow along on the adventure of three Frenchmen who are spending three years circling the globe by bicycle. They stopped half way, in Puerto Vallarta, and whipped up a quick synopsis of the soaring moments and struggles to send in for Filmed by Bike. They hope to make it to Portland in time for the festival.




It Came From the Forest | 9:50It Came From the Forest
Brody Boeger – Portland
The coveted Pegasus Bike makes an appearance in this incredible movie that you just have to see to believe.

Unwieldy Beast | 5:57Unwieldy Beast
Brandon Loper – San Francisco
A pianist, yearning to hear the sound of the ivories under a bridge, surrounded by the din of passers by and cars, takes is piano out into the world.

Happy Tall Bike | :38
Max Taint – Portland
In a mere 38 seconds, Max sums up what’s going through most people’s minds at Burning Man. At least we think that’s what he’s getting at with this shorty.

Invincible | 1:47
Mike Vogel – Portland
The end of the world is here, and there’s only one way to survive. Veteran Filmed by Bike filmmaker, former jury member and former Golden Helmet Award nominee Mike Vogel shares his survival plan.

Breezee One – Bike Chase | 3:40Breezee One - Bike Chase
Paulina Petkoski – Brooklyn
Hot shit.